IdentityX Ambassadors

MISTI strives to foster a diverse and inclusive community – on campus and abroad. This involves continually seeking new ways to prepare and support all students to not only go abroad, but to thrive abroad.

As a part of this goal, MISTI launched the IdentityX Ambassador program. As IdentityX Ambassadors, students utilize their MISTI experiences to help prepare other students for their time abroad. They also facilitate community between students, help educate the broader MIT community, and inform MISTI’s own development.

IdentityX Ambassadors share their experiences and perspectives through the lens of identity, intersectionality, and address various aspects, including but not limited to:

• Disabilities/Accessibility
• Economic Class
• First Generation
• Gender Identity
• Nationality/Citizenship
• Religion
• Race/Ethnicity
• Sexual Orientation
• Heritage
• Health & Wellbeing

Check out the IdentityX Ambassador blogs.

This program is supported through the ICEO Committee on Race & Diversity Grant.

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With questions about IdentityX, email MISTI IdentityX. With questions about diversity and inclusion initiatives at MISTI, email us at

MISTI is a member of Diversity Abroad